Finished Sewing Projects

A few days ago, I finished making a boxy bottom zippered pouch.   (Thanks Whitney Sews (You Tube) for the pattern!)

I was able to take the original pattern and enlarge it, so this bag is larger than the pattern I bought (don’t worry, she gave permission to do this!).   It is fully lined.   Because this is a “test” pattern, the sides are not quite even.  This will be given as a gift, but I have more fabric and will create another one this week.

003 004

My daughter’s birthday was on Friday and she turned two.   I took a purse I crocheted about a year ago and created a pattern and this is the result:


This purse is lined with the same fabric.  I am working on created another one.  I hope to finish that this coming week as well.  Her smile while opening this was worth making it-and it was so simple!

That’s all I have for this week.  Next week I plan on finishing the purse, making another zippered pouch, making placements, and possibly a sewing machine cover (right now mine has a flimsy plastic cover that came with the machine).

Now, it’s your turn:  Do you like the fabrics I chose?  And what do you plan on creating (or buying) this week?


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