Wednesday’s Creations

Welcome to Wednesday’s Creations!  Each Wednesday I will feature creations from the previous week.  Some will be creations for Etsy ( and others will simply be for my household.

Now onto the good stuff:  My creations for the previous week!

Blue Gingham Reusable Sandwich Bags;  One is “Picnic” size (larger) and the other is a sandwich size.  They are both fully lined.


Next, is something I didn’t create at all.  I found it lying in my fabric stash and decided to list this cute little growth chart.


Finally, I made this Spider Man drawstring bag.  This is made of up-cycled fabric that was washed in hot water and dried on very high heat to get it very clean.


I also made my first attempt at (not so great) quilting on some place-mats I made.  These are for my dining room.  I’ve decided to try some binding tape around the edges, but I’m not sure how to avoid the puckering of the fabric!  Needless to say, quilted place-mats will not be in my Etsy shop for some time.  🙂

002 003

And finally, this is a pillow cover with a zipper!  I think I’m most impressed with my projects that have a zipper because zippers are a little tricky.  I used an old pillow form and gave it a new look with this cover-and it took less than 1/2 yard.  This has a permanent spot in my living room.

004 005

These are my creations of the past week.  I plan to create another tote bag, cushions for my patio swing, and finish up some other sandwich bags I found this week.

Let me know what you think and tell me what projects you’re working on!  Can’t wait until next Wednesday’s Creations!


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