Doll Clothes

After several weeks (probably more like a couple of months!), I finally have a chance to showcase the previous week’s sewing projects.  I’ll admit that selling a house is a pain in the neck and I hope the process will soon be over.  But I had some time last week (and today) to create something and I challenged myself to make some doll clothes!

This is my first real attempt at making doll clothes.  I used a Simplicity Pattern and tried to follow directions.  This is the end result:

Sleeper and Hat  for 12 inch Doll

Sleeper and Hat for 12 inch doll



Doll Dress for 18 inch Doll with velcro closure in back.

I need to know what to do with the seams on the inside though.  I don’t have a serger to create a neat finish…any suggestions?

Happy Sewing!