Thrift Store Haul

Last week I checked out our local thrift store and found some amazing sewing items that I want to share with you!

So here’s what I got:

One set of pillow cases ($0.99 each) -No intended use yet-they’re sitting in my stash for now.



One large piece of thermal batting and fabric ($0.99)  (Probably to make a casserole carrier)





Ribbon and Rick-Rack  ($1.50 for the bag)



Brand New Cheesecloth!  ($0.49)  (I’ve wanted one for awhile to make my homemade yogurt)



Assorted Buttons, Eyelets, Hooks and Eyes, Snaps, etc


A roll of Elastic Belting?  Not exactly sure what this is called or how to use it, but it came in the bag with the ribbon.





And the best for last…



A brand new Dritz Pliar Kit to install snaps!  !  I saw one at Hobby Lobby today that sold for $22!  Purchase price:  $2.99!



Total Amount Spent:  $13.00!

Do you shop thrift stores?  What have you found lately?  See you next week (I’ll share the dress I made for my daughter (by making my own pattern!) and the shirt I made for my son.

Have a good week!