Finally Finished!

Last week I spent three days  (yes, 3!) creating a new tote bag.  I drafted a pattern and sewed.  I finally finished after three days.

I learned several things making this tote bag:

First, I enjoyed making a larger project after making so many smaller ones.

Second, tote bags take so much time to make that I really need to concentrate on smaller projects right now.

Third, taking my time is essential to achieving near perfection.  I would describe myself as a perfectionist.  Everything has to be just so.  Creating a new pattern takes time to develop.  It’s okay to spend more time working out the details.

All in all, I’m proud of my new creation.  It’s a simple bag with a snap closure and a pocket inside.

What have you been creating?

brighttote2 brighttote3

(You can find this bag in my Etsy Shop with other creations I’ve made)


An Organized Sewing Room

Do you have a dedicated sewing room or area in your house?  We bought a new house recently and I am so excited to have my own sewing area!  It’s part of the finished basement and near the play room.  This works out well so I can sew while my kids play.

This is the space I use to create items for my Etsy store, New Creation Sewing and for my other projects.

Even though we’ve lived here only four months, my sewing room was in need of a desperate sorting and organizing day.  I finally accomplished this task a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s the final results:

006 007 011

We’re blessed to have a walk-out basement as well.  And the sliding doors make for a beautiful sewing room view!

Where do you sew and how do you stay organized?

Sewing Project of the Week: Apron

This week I created my very first apron for a neighbor’s birthday.  I used a pattern I received for free.  Actually, I just cut the pieces out of the pattern and made up my own rules as I went along.

I added a lining to the back and an adjustable strap using buttonholes and a button.  (I love my button foot!).

Here’s the finished product:





My neighbor loved the apron and it fit her perfectly!  She loved that it is reversible-I didn’t even think of that!

  What have you been working on?

Lessons Learned While Sewing

Today I had a brilliant idea and decided to give sew-in interfacing a try.  (Don’t ask me why-I bought six yards of good quality fusible interfacing last week.)

I had some ivory damask fabric (a chair cover that my mom gave me) and decided to make a child’s purse out of it.

So I cut my pieces (four of the damask print and four of the sew-in interfacing).  I had thread that matched perfectly.  I made the strap and decided to use a hook and loop closure (little hands don’t always know how to use snaps or buttons!).   I sewed the lining and outer pieces of the purse together.  I found out I like the sew-in interfacing.  It gave this purse a very soft feel and wasn’t as rigid as fusible interfacing (although I will continue to use fusible interfacing for item I sell-this really was, in hindsight, a practice purse).

Finally, everything was sewn together.  I was about to turn everything right side out when I realized the ends were fraying.  So I pulled out my overcast stitch foot (a Christmas present) and went to work.  When I finished, I had neat edges.

I turned the purse right sides out and to my dismay, I immediately saw a couple of mistakes.

Ivory Purse

First, the purse isn’t straight!  I didn’t cut the pattern out right.  Second, the hook and loop closure was placed too close to the top of the purse-so close, in fact, that it was partially sewn into the top seam.  And on top of that, I didn’t have a large enough seam allowance and instead of being completely closed, the seam was popping out of the top.

So, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. I need to take my time cutting out pattern pieces.  In fact, the pattern has been used so much that I think it should be transferred to wax paper.
  2. Place the hook and loop closure (or snaps) a little lower than the pattern allows for.
  3. Don’t trim the seam allowance all the way down.  I didn’t mean to-really.  But I did.

Needless to say, my two and half-year old daughter has acquired another purse.  I’m sure she doesn’t mind (she likes to play dress-up), but I had planned on listing this item.  Now I’m back to square one.  And with these lessons behind me, I ask:  What sewing lessons have you learned?  Really, leave a comment.  I love to read them!

Vintage Patterns

The first time I used a sewing pattern, it was tricky!  But in time, I’ve figured out the basics.  I have so much more to learn about patterns but I feel confident that I can use one without too much trouble!

Today, I want to discuss some vintage patterns I recently acquired.   About two months ago I received an entire trash bag full of vintage patterns (1950’s-1960’s).  I sorted through them and decided which ones to keep and which ones were too retro for me.  It was at this point I realized the patterns were marketed for Juniors and Misses.

Some of the patterns are really cute, like these:

Advance5627A Simplicity5249A Simplicity4282B


And some are just not my style:

Mcc2167a Mcc6608a

Needless to say, all of these patterns made it into the don’t want pile (even the cute ones because they’re duplicates!).

I have yet to attempt to use a vintage pattern.  I’m a bit intimated I guess.

What about you?  Do you sew with Vintage Patterns?  And which of these do you like or dislike?

A New Year, A New Plan

I’ve been so busy the past several months selling and buying a new house and settling in and dealing with some other issues that I let New Creation Sewing slide.  I’ve had let downs and disappointments.

I spent a couple of months deciding (and praying) if my Etsy shop was worth it, which way to go, and how to create a viable business.   I spent time praying, thinking, and reading.  I read a book on making money at home and another on selling on Etsy.  And shortly before Christmas I had some answers.

Now it’s time to take the plunge.  I’ve decided New Creation Sewing is worth my time and energy.  I know it’s going to take a lot of work during the coming days and weeks.  I’ve set some lofty goals.  I have plan-and  goals.

So I’m committing to posting to my blog a minimum of twice per week.  I’ll post sewing projects and tips.  Some of my Etsy listings might make an appearance occasionally but (I’ll try to save that for Twitter and Facebook).   I might post links to some of my favorite YouTube videos (I learned a lot about sewing there!).  I might even attempt my own sewing tutorials.

My goal is simple: to promote my love of sewing and to increase your knowledge (and mine) along the way.  Will you join me on this journey?