Sewing Zippered Pouches

I’ve been on a bit of a roll creating lately.  I finished three new zipper bags (I’ll post pics below).  I thought of creating a tutorial for them, but I admit that I’m a bit intimidated.  So I’ll have to share the finished products with you today.

The most difficult part of beginning  a project (for me) is selecting which fabrics to use and making sure they co-ordinate.  I can spend an hour just sitting in my sewing room looking at my fabric (and really, I don’t have that much).    In the end, the fabrics usually co-ordinate and the project usually comes out fine.

So I wonder, am I the only fabric lover with a difficult time selecting fabric for a project or am I too much of a perfectionist?  With this said, I’ll leave you with pictures of my newest creations.  Leave me a comment and let me know how you approach choosing fabric for a project and tell me which case is  your favorite!

PinkOwl1 shamrock1 purplecoscase1


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