Little Girl’s Dress

My last post promised updates of the McCall’s Purse pattern I was working on.   The truth is simple:  I haven’t had time to work on the purse because I have my first custom order!  I was asked to create a pillow case dress for a little girl and a dress made from a men’s dress shirt.  I’ve been busy working on both!

The men’s shirt dress looked simple enough.  I figured I’d get that one down on the first try!  The pillow case dress looked simple enough, but for some reason it appeared to be more difficult than it really is.

Instead of showcasing the progress I’ve made on the purse, I’ll share pictures of the two dresses that are finished (these are practice dresses I made for my daughter; not the dresses for my customer). Whether or not my daughter will actually wear them, I don’t know!.




Of the two dresses pictured, I like the purple one best.  The other dress is made from an upcycled  women’s dress shirt.  I wasn’t sure of how to create the neckline so I created a casing and added ribbon using a safety pin.

The (wo)men’s dress shirt dress is a work in progress.  Yesterday I cut out a new dress using a pattern I already have.  The dress seems to be coming together well.  I forgot that dress pattern sizes are different than the clothing we purchase in the store.  Therefore, the dress is too small for my daughter.    (I’m going to create another practice dress before making “the real one”).

If you’ve created a dress from a man’s dress shirt, let me know how you did the neckline!  I’d love to know how to finish this project up.


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