A New Direction

Have you ever had a goal that was unmet?  Or ever run into a brick wall after racking your brain and trying so hard?

I’d say that was me a few weeks ago.  New Creation Sewing was born in the Spring of 2013 and I began listing (and selling) items in my Etsy shop.  Last year my sales increased (not only through Etsy but via word of mouth).  I did some number crunching in January and realized that my sales and expenses broke even (almost exactly!).   Although breaking even for your first year of business is a good thing (many businesses take a loss), I decided I needed help.  I want to take New Creation Sewing to the next level.

So I made an appointment with the Small Business Development Center.  I met with a wonderful business owner with tons of experience.  She had wonderful advice.  Nancy asked the all important “how much money do you want to make?” question.  So I gave her an answer.  And she didn’t gasp.  She didn’t fall over.  She didn’t say “that’s impossible for your line of business.”

She looked at me and said that was completely doable (my words; not hers).  She believes in my business but also let me in on a secret;  I need a business plan.

A year ago those words confused me.  Why?  What is it for?  Financial Projections?  Ideal Customer?  It was intimidating to say the least.

But I was ready to hear Nancy’s words.  So ready in fact, that last week my entire family was sick (we had this nasty cold thing) and about all I could do was read and think…and write.

So my business is in a new phase:  I call it Business Plan 101.  Start up again.  And I am amazed at how many new ideas are coming to me.  I am amazed at the clarity and understanding I have.  The business plan is finally making sense.

I’m no expert and will be meeting with Nancy again.  I will present her with my version of a business plan.  Hopefully it contains all the right parts.  Once my plan is solidified, changes are coming.  Many changes to my shop, marketing, and just the way I view life.

In the midst of this planning when I feel that I can’t, I just remember my favorite Bible Verse:  “I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13.

So stay tuned and see what’s in store.   I want to know:  Have you written a business plan?  How long did it take?  How much help did you need?  Any advice is appreciated!