Eco-Friendly Projects

Do you know that American’s send 11 million tons of used textiles to landfills each year?  Many of these items are in great condition and simply get tossed into the trash can.  This averages out to about 65 pounds of textiles (clothing. linens, fabrics, etc) that head straight to the landfill.

Further, are you aware that synthetic (man-made fabrics) take many years to decompose (if they decompose at all-think about it, polyester is made from plastic water bottles and thus is essentially plastic).   It can take 30-40 years for nylon to decompose whereas cotton takes about 1-6 months.  (Clothing decomposes faster if it is cut into stripes).

Imagine, if you will, taking these unwanted textiles/clothing and turning them into something useful-a new creation!

Here are some pictures of jeans that have been rescued from the Goodlwill and upcycled.  What do you upcycle?  And which of these is your favorite (these will make their way into my Etsy shop soon!).  Thanks for stopping by.  Check back for more eco-friendly and upcycled posts!

Denim StarBag1 062





9 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Projects

  1. Great ideas, they all look great, I always try and recycle, either by giving to charity, finding a craft club, or taking them for recycling. Thanks for this blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Yes I was too, but remember going to a dump once, and seeing a man tossing in a brand new pair of virtually unused hiking boots, and a few moments later a woman struggling to throw a huge suitcase full of cloths into the same tip, I was both amazed and appalled. The man, seeing me look on in horror told me “they’r mine, and I can do what i want with them, so piss off”. Dear me! it still amazes me, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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